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    Environment Division

NABL Accredited ISO / IEC 17025 : 2005 Lab


We offer environmental monitoring services to create a pollution free environment.

Industrial Analysis & Monitoring

Environment Monitoring Services

Ambient air monitoring
Stack monitoring
Work place air monitoring
Noise level monitoring
Lux monitoring
Compressed air analysis

Water and waste water analysis services

Drinking water, R.O water
Construction water, Ice manufacturing water
Well and Bore well water, Swimming pool water
Feed water, Boiler water, DM water
ETP water & STP water
Reagent water
Cooling tower water for physic-chemical & legion ell

Solid & Hazardous waste analysis

ETP sludge
Solid waste – for industry, city and farms
Soil fertility
Hazardous waste – Industries

Food analysis

Analysis of Fat, ash content, carbohydrate, protein content etc

Chromatography analysis facility

» Gas Chromatography – GC

Purity Checking (RM Solvent)
Residual solvent
Method validation
Assay by GC – Finished product
Method Development

» High Performance Liquid Chromatography – HPLC

Purity checking (RM) by UV Detector
Related substances
Method Validation
Assay by HPLC
Method Development

» UV – Spectrophotometer

Assay by UV
λ Max